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Window Security Laminate


450 Pounds Per Sq. Inch

Break Strength

Our film is a multi-ply laminate that boasts a 450 pounds per inch break strength and 25,000PSI tensile strength. This exponentially increases the strength of standard glass.

Added Privacy

While a clear film is our most popular, we also offer frost, white-out, black-out, and tinted options to give additional privacy.

Gives Law-Enforcement Time to Respond

Effectively converts once fragile glass into a temporary barrier that allows Law-Enforcement or an SRO time to respond to the threat.

Keep Criminals Out

Security film is a sound alternative to security bars or shutters that protect your store front from burglaries and potential smash n' grabs.

Rejects 99% of UV Rays

A secondary benefit of security film is that it'll better insulate your buildings windows and, in return, lower utility bills.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Our security window film is backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty as well as our own 10-year warranty on labor.

Not your average window tint
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 4.10.47 PM.png

Security film is a multi-layer laminate that is custom cut then installed, much like window tint, to your windows. After a curing period of usually 3 - 5 days, we then install an "attachment" to anchor the film to the frame. Your film will only be as strong as the product that anchors it, so we offer multiple options to ensure a proper installment.

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