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Riot Glass Forced-Entry Solutions


Virtually Unbreakable

Riot Glass can offer you a nearly impenetrable solution when it comes to blunt-force impacts. In recent testing, it even made the technician fail from fatigue when attempting to make entry.

Additional Privacy

Riot Glass also comes in tinted options with multiple shades if privacy is a priority on your project.

45 Minutes of Protection

By being able to withstand constant impacts for such a prolonged amount of time, this can give Law-Enforcement time to respond to a threat and give building occupants added protection.

Retains Strength After Being Shot

Unlike Security Film, Riot Glass will retain its structural strength even after taking multiple gun-shots.

UV Resistant Coating

Energy efficiency is another benefit that Riot Glass can bring to your building. With a UV resistant coating, Riot Glass will provide similar heat and UV protection that Solar Control film provides.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Riot Glass is backed by either a Limited-Lifetime warranty, 5 year warranty, or 15 year warranty depending on the product line and application.

How Riot Glass Works

During a site inspection, we'll discuss your security needs, measure your window frames, and recommend an appropriate security panel thickness to meet those needs.

Riot Glass is a tailored security solution, meaning every window will have its own custom cut security panel and framing system for a seamless installation that won't obscure the building's curb appeal, unlike security bars and roll down security shutters.

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