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C-Bond Ballistic Resistant Film System


Cost Effective Bullet Resistance

Most applications are nearly half the cost of products with a similar level of bullet resistance.

Quick Installation

C-Bond BRS is a direct glass swap for frames designed for Insulated Glass Units. When the correct 1/2" glass is already present, installation is even faster and more efficient.

They Can't Shoot In, But You Can Shoot Out

C-Bond BRS offers the unique capability of defending against a ballistic threat from the outside while allowing you to shoot from the inside-out.

Bomb-Blast Protection

Like some security films, C-Bond BRS keeps glass from becoming airborne shrapnel in the event an explosion takes place outside of the building.

UL 752 Level 2

C-Bond Bullet Resistant System film achieves a Level 2 ballistic threat protection. This effectively stops small arms threats including 9mm.

Manufacturer's Warranty

C-Bond BRS is backed by a 10 Year manufacturer's warranty that protects against peeling, cracking, or bubbling.

How C-Bond BRS Works

C-Bond's Bullet Resistant System film can achieve a UL 752 Level 2 threat protection by combining three layers of film and 1/2" annealed glass. Each layer is cut to the exact dimensions of the glass and applied using C-Bond's mounting solution. This solution is a patented nanotechnology that repairs microscopic defects thus increasing strength and impact resistance of glass.

For more manufacturer information visit C-Bond BRS.

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Interested in C-Bond BRS for your glass?

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