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Anti-Graffiti Film


An Exterior Insurance Policy

Placed on the outside of your windows, Anti-Graffiti Film is an exterior film that can protect your glass from vandalism such as spray paint, scratching, and scuffing.

Not to mention that it's far cheaper than replacing vandalized glass, Anti-Graffiti film is quick to install and effortless to remove. So, if the worst were to happen, it can be peeled off leaving no residue behind.

Composed with U.V. rejecting properties, Anti-Graffiti film can keep your building cooler and protect the interior from fading by blocking 99% of U.V. rays.

Common Applications

Store Fronts

Glass Doors & Windows

Schools & Campuses


Escalators & Elevators

Jewelry Display Cases

Vending Machines

Almost Any Smooth Surface



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